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Easter Blog

easter 1

Easter is a time of journeys for some Wood Fold families; maybe you are visiting a relative who lives far away or popping round the corner to see your Grandparents.

  • Is someone coming to see you over the holidays?
  • Are you visiting a special place to celebrate Easter?
  • Is a friend coming over to play while you’re off school?

easter 2

Why don’t you blog and share your news with us?

(Please blog after you have returned from your trip so as not to advertise your absence from home)

Try and include:

  • What did you get up to?
  • Who you saw? (First names only)
  • How did you get there?
  • Do you think it was a long or short journey?
  • Where did you visit? (town/ country)
  • How many miles did you travel?
  • How many chocolate eggs did you get?

Don’t worry if you aren’t travelling anywhere, you can blog about a trip you’ve had recently instead and share with us some facts about that place.

Each child who blogs will receive a special certificate for their efforts.

We can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to and who has travelled the furthest!

Happy Easter from all your teachers.

easter 3

Arrival time

Hi everyone

we are on our way home, just had Burger King and on the m6.

Our estimated arrival time is 6pm. Please park on the school car park.

See you all soon



Year 5 Trip!

Hi everyone! Another fantastic day today! Fun at the sweet factory this morning then exciting trip to Azincourt!

We have even tried snails at dinner tonight! Delicious!

Just getting ready for the disco and a good boogie!

Excited for the chocolate factory tomorrow before we head home!

See you all tomorrow!

Year 5 France Trip!

Had a busy and fun day! Been to the bakery, the market, played games and had a picnic on the beach then visited the World War 2 bunker this afternoon! Just finished dinner and ready for another exciting day tomorrow!!