Easter Blog

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Easter is a time of journeys for some Wood Fold families; maybe you are visiting a relative who lives far away or popping round the corner to see your Grandparents.

  • Is someone coming to see you over the holidays?
  • Are you visiting a special place to celebrate Easter?
  • Is a friend coming over to play while you’re off school?

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Why don’t you blog and share your news with us?

(Please blog after you have returned from your trip so as not to advertise your absence from home)

Try and include:

  • What did you get up to?
  • Who you saw? (First names only)
  • How did you get there?
  • Do you think it was a long or short journey?
  • Where did you visit? (town/ country)
  • How many miles did you travel?
  • How many chocolate eggs did you get?

Don’t worry if you aren’t travelling anywhere, you can blog about a trip you’ve had recently instead and share with us some facts about that place.

Each child who blogs will receive a special certificate for their efforts.

We can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to and who has travelled the furthest!

Happy Easter from all your teachers.

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86 thoughts on “Easter Blog

  1. MAi

    Hi everyone!!!
    I’m having a wonderful start to the Easter hols!!
    I’ve got lots of fun things planned!!!! I’ll tell you some of them when we come back!!!!

    Hope you’re having a fab break from school too! Love MAixxxxxxx

    1. RD

      Hi everyone
      I have had a great Easter, got loads of eggs which mum and dad had hidden around the house! On Easter Sunday we went to Newcastle to see my Grandma and Grandad and had lots of fun with my cousins.

      When we came home mum and dad took me and my brother out for tea at La mamas, where we met up with Nan and Grandad.

      Last week I went Freerunning which was amazing. Nan took me and my brother to the cinemas to see Batman vs Superman…………….Wow what a great film!

      The holidays have gone really quick and I am looking forward to coming back.
      From Ryan.D

  2. Mill T

    Hi everyone,

    Well this Easter so far is quite chilled out. I’m going to lots of places in this break! Well, starting off my weeks in WYZ (Wigan Youth Zone), I hope some of my friends from my class can come. I’m going to be going to Wales, to see my Grandparents Dennis and Bethan, we are staying there for two/three nights and i’m really excited. Possibly, we’re going to Blackpool in Sandcastles water park, we are really excited to find out if we are (or not). Anyway, hope you all have an awesome easter and get some choccie eggs!

    Bye, Mill T :D

  3. Amy

    One Friday I had a amazing time I went to the play factory in Manchester.
    It had then biggest indoor slide in Europe it was 40 meters long it was so scary. I screamed all the way down it I think it was really fast.
    My sister woke me up at 6:00 this morning and we ate lots of chocolate.
    HAPPY EASTER WOOD FOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. g.johns Post author

    Happy Easter!
    Hope you’ve all had a lovely, long weekend eating (not too much) chocolate.
    We had a lovely day out at Blackpool Zoo in the sunshine, watching the Sea Lions perform and enjoying some cheeky little monkeys jumping over our heads!!
    I can’t wait to hear what everyone else has been up to!
    From Mrs Bell

  5. Lily-anne

    Hi everyone!
    This Easter hasnt been relaxing, we walked for five hours around Gisburn Forest and watched some bike racing. We also went bowling for my cousins birthday, my little brother got a strike!
    We had an Easter egg hunt in the garden and went to see grandma and grandad for an Easter meal and went for a bike ride the next day.
    We are going camping soon, I am really looking forward to it and heading out to the cinema this week. Lots of exciting things planned and lots more chocolate to eat.
    Have a great Easter Wood Fold!
    Lily-anne xxx

    1. g.johns Post author

      Wow you have been busy! Enjoy camping, I hope the weather stays dry and you have lots of fun outside.
      From Mrs B

    2. Lily-anne

      Today my mum bought us a box from tokyo, it was full of Tokyo snacks. We tried wasabi dried sea weed, it was really salty. Yuk!!

      1. Lily-anne

        Yesterday I went out with Grandma and Mum, we went to ikea on the motorway to buy some things for my mum and dads wedding this year. We bought lots of jars and vases and crystals.
        Then we went to Frankie and Bennys for tea, it was really loud but the music was great and I enjoyed the ice cream I had for dessert.

  6. Lula

    Hi everyone,

    hopefully you’ve all had a great Easter. I got two large chocolate eggs, creme eggs, marshmallows, mini chocolate lollies and some other delicious chocolates. Im also busy with my dancing show, (1 down and 4 to go). The dances im in are: Oliver, strong (Cinderella), Top Hat (tap dance), cowboy dance and a leapord in THe Lion King. Next week im going to York, so when i get back I will write about it.

    From Lula : )

    1. g.johns Post author

      Hi Lula,
      I think you’ll need all those eggs to keep your energy levels up with so much dancing to do! Enjoy the shows, your costumes look amazing! Are you dancing locally? I hope that you’ve not got too far to travel at the end of your shows.
      From Mrs B

    2. Lula

      Hi everyone,

      I have just come back from the city of York. It took 2 hours, in the car, and we travelled 85 miles. I went with my Mum, Dad, and my sister. We stayed in an apartment which use to be an old hospital !!!! We went shopping, visited the Castle Museum and The Chocolate Story. The Castle Museum had interesting facts about the history and story of York and The Chocolate Story was a tour of York’s first brands of chocolate.

  7. Zara :D

    Hi Guys,
    Today i got the biggest surprise-my aunt came to see me after 3 YEARS!. She lives in Newcastle and is my mum’s sister. We were planning on going to the park but my dad is abroad and there is NO-ONE to take us! Oh dear. Hope you lot have a lovely Easter and enjoy seeing other relatives

    Have Fun,
    Zara Afzal Y5K

  8. Zara :D

    My dad has gone abroad,like i said,and my mum has to stand in the shop for 3 WEEKS!!! i got 3 Easter eggs- Creme Egg, Toffee Crisp egg and a Minnie Mouse egg. But nothing can delay us in the summer holidays because we are all going to Butlins! Went in the garden,had slush and a subway- so delicious! I’m on my laptop most of the time, or my I-Pad. My aunt went on Wednesday, and everything is boring again. URGH. My little brother and sister are ill and they’re SO ANNOYING!!! i do something with my mum at half 6 in the morning. She delivers papers and i help her.
    Hope you all have a nice Easter
    Zara Afzal Y5K,
    BYE BYE WOOD FOLD ( again )

  9. Olivia R


    What a lovely start to my Easter to get a get well soon card. Even though I have broken my shoulder Easter bunny still came. I got lots of eggs but Harvey and max ( ate most of them) they are so naughty!!!!!!!!!
    I am off to the wales next week to go in my caravan.
    Hope everyone has a fab Easter see you soon :)

    1. g.johns Post author

      I am so sorry to hear about your shoulder. I’m sure you should have had EXTRA eggs to relieve the pain ;)
      However it sounds like your still having a great holiday, despite your injury, you are very brave!
      Tell us about your mini break when you return, I wonder if you can work out how far you travel there and back?
      Take care,
      From Mrs B

    2. Zara :D

      Hi Olivia,
      hope you get better soon.I will be going horse riding soon i hope! hope you had fun staying in a caravan,but i bet it was quite squishy!

      have fun,
      Zara xxx

  10. Zara :D





    1. g.johns Post author

      Hello Zara
      What a lovely surprise for you to see your aunt after three years, I love family get togethers! I took J to see the Batman and Superman film and really enjoyed it too, although it was a long film and it was very loud too! Enjoy the rest of you Easter holiday, especially eating those chocolate eggs.
      From Mrs B

  11. Megan W

    Over the holiday myself and Hannah entered a four day course at our riding school to learn more about the ponies we ride. At the end of the course ,I take part in a Gymkhana ( a weaving race ) to show how much I have learnt over the past four days. I am also doing the course with Grace from year six. I wish every body good luck in the Gymkhana, and I hope everybody at Wood Fold had a happy Easter, and didn`t eat too much chocolate!

  12. Hannah W

    Over the Easter holidays my family and I enjoyed a week in Scotland .During our stay, we had many adventures such as going on long walks ,going out for tea at a lovely restaurant and going up a mountain! The mountain we climbed up was Ben Nevis , which is the highest mountain in the British Isles. There was a lot of snow , at least two metres of pack ice on the summit. To get on the summit , we had a long five hour walk up and a three hour walk down but lots of chocolate kept us motivated . To get to where we were staying we had to drive for four to five hours to Fort William.
    I hope everyone had a very happy Easter!!!! See you all soon (but not too soon)!! :)

  13. Zara :D

    this is the final time i’m blogging for this!
    I went to get my dad from the airport, but we got lost! We finally arrived and my dad’s plane landed RIGHT IN FRONT OF US!!! It was a great sight, i can’t believe i got a glimpse of that! He got all these rare toys and ornaments, but they were so delicate! We had to go on a mission at the end, because we couldn’t find our car at ALL. I am still shocked and dazzled about the plane landing, though it would be annoying inside BECAUSE OF YOUR EARS!!!

    then i went bowling with my cousins and my brother, and a game of Lazer Quest! After that i was allowed to stay with my cousins at their house, and fed the ducks. ANOTHER game of bowling, then a midnight feast and a quick game of Monopoly.

    Never had a day better than this
    You know me by now,( Zara Afzal)

  14. Holl S

    This Easter is not like any other, it’s been so awesome. On Easter Sunday I got tons of eggs (well not exactly tons because I don’t like Easter eggs that much), atleast my mum and dad got me tons (and now I mean tons) of clothes. I’m just chilling on my phone ,on face time, most of the time though.

    On Easter Monday I went out on a meal at la ma mas, with my family. It was fun and yummy. After my meal I went to the garden centre, and I bought some big but cute fish. Whilst I was there I was looking at bright, beautiful flowers that day was so fun.

    A few days later, on Wednesday, I went to the hair dressers and now my hair is only just past my shoulders. I couldn’t believe how much hair I got cut off, it feels ssoooo different. And again I went to la ma mas because my mum wanted to because she didn’t go to the meal. Again so yummy.

    For the last few days to Sunday I’ve been playing out. But I’ve also been going to my mums shop, on April fools day me and my mums were doing so many tricks on the staff. Ha ha! ;)

    The next Sunday I went to my friends house, her name is Phoebe she’s younger than me, she goes to St. Wilfreds school. She got a new kitten. Phoebe called her Twinkle Star( I don’t like the reason why she called it that.

    Next Wednesday I’m going to buy some new school shoes, after my shoes I’m getting a McDonald’s. YAY!!!
    I have absolutely loves this Easter. Get well soon Olivia I miss you so much. Hope everyone had a awesome Easter like me.
    From Holly

  15. g.johns Post author

    Looks like you have all been busy over Easter. My son got lots of eggs for Easter as well!
    We have been to Liverpool shopping and Southport walking along the pier!
    Hope you all have a lovely week this week and keep posting what you are up to!
    Miss Connelly

  16. MAi

    Hi again!!!!
    Yesterday, I arrived home from an amazing adventure!!! I went to Wales, the part of Wales was called, “Anglesey,” We stay in an old, little caravan on the cliffs. It belongs to my Great Granny and Grandad. It’s a very old caravan. We were warned about the gas by my Grandad. He told us,”The gas has almost run out and we need to take our bed socks, dressing gowns and there’s some duvets that warm up that you can use,” (He’d been there a couple of days away to take things for us by the way!) My brother, IA’s duvet didn’t work at all!!! So, we made him a hot water bottle instead. When it was time for bed, my mum said,” Time to turn your duvet off!” IA’s hot water bottle didn’t have to be taken away. As soon as my mum knelt down to turn it off it said broadly,”ALL NIGHT USE,” So, I got to keep it on all night, YAY!!!!

    BYE!!!! From, MAi xxxxxxxx

  17. Mariam

    Hi everyone,
    I have just arrived back home from the caravan! I went with my mum,dad,brother and sister. I had so much fun. At night, we would go to the ‘club’ and play with our friends, however, we would only go back to the van at around midnight and we’re all still very tired from that >.< . The best part of the holidays was when we visited Blackpool pleasure beach! I went on most of the rides that I could go on, apart from the roller coaster that went upside down twice! My sister and brother,who were really brave, courageously went on it. There was a huge Easter egg hunt around the site, and I ended up coming back home with thousands of chocolate eggs, all different flavours and sizes :) . We are all still extremely tired from our trip. Hope everyone had a great Eater!
    Mariam ;)

  18. Chloe S

    Hi everyone
    I’m having a great Easter holiday, I got lots of eggs and did an easter egg hunt with my cousins at my Grandma and Grandads.
    I had a very busy week last week taking part in my first dance show, we had to travel to Blackburn every day and only got home really late at night so I was very tired. On the last day of the show I got lots of nice flowers and a balloon for doing so well.
    Today I have been to the play centre with my sister and cousins.
    See you all soon
    Chloe S x

    1. k.martin

      Hi CS,

      Sounds like you have had a lovely Easter.
      Thank you for bringing in your photos from the dance show to show the class. We really enjoyed hearing about your dances! Well done for being so brave and showing us the Lion King dance.

      See you soon,

      Miss Martin

  19. Ellie C

    I have enjoyed (and still am) my Easter holidays for lots of reasons first, it was my birthday on the 2nd of April I got a new bike (an Apollo Jewel 18 gear bike) and more. Secondly, it was my birthday party on the 4th of April. I went trampolining at Jump Division with some of my friends and flipped into the foam pit continuously. Also, I hanged out with my friends on my street. Finally, I am going to Blue Planet aquarium with my older sister and her baby (who is 1 in September).


  20. CD

    Dear Miss Cullen
    On my Easter trip I went to Buckinghamshire. First we visited the Roald Dahl museum we had a little easter egg hunt and we had a piece of paper saying questions about Roald Dahl and we had to find they eggs because they had the answer on them. It was so fun but we soon found a room were if you had any questions a lady would answer them she told you how he got all his ideas on his books. My favourite was about James and the GIANT peach because he had a little apple garden and he decided to do a book and first of all he called it James and the GIANT apple but in the end his wife thought that it was not a good story so he went back to his shed and wrote loads of others. In the end he thought of James and the GIANT peach because they are very soft and have a stone in the middle where the creatures could live. After all the fun we had we started to walk to the church were Roald Dahl was buried it had the BFG’s footsteps, walking towards it. It was a lovely church and very peaceful. After that we saw the petrol pumps out of Danny Champion of the world. We loved it there we even had dinner and went to the park but after that I was so excited I was going to a very pretty hotel it was called the crowne plaza it even had a swimming pool it was amazing. It had terraces and it was painted white, it was massive. The next day we went to…HARRY POTTER!!! It was so cool I saw a big model of Hogwarts it was big and we went on platform 9\3 quarters it was all were it was filmed. I also had butterbeer, Harry’s favourite drink but, at they end I got Hermione’s wand, I felt like a real witch. I felt like I was really at Hogwarts. It felt like the time of my life, it was so cool but we only went there in the afternoon in the morning I went in the swimming pool there was a hot bath tub and children were allowed in. Before we went to Harry Potter we went in a old town it was beautiful but there was one thing I realised the churches were all built the same and there was loads. So that was the end of my easter trip. I got there in my dad’s car and it was quite a long journey I felt really tired when I came back home it was about 370 miles there and back and last of all I got 12 easter eggs for easter.
    Love Caitlin xx

  21. WD

    Dear Miss Connolly
    At easta i went to roald dahl museum. We did an easta egg hunt. There were clues on the eggs and we saw chocolate walls they were plastic though and yoo crnt eet them.
    We went to Harry Potter and i got a Hedwig owl. At Harry Potter i saw a big model of Hogwarts.
    We stayed in a holtel and we went swimming and the swimming pool was nice.
    We went to a museum at Bletchley Park were they cracked codes in the war. We had a quiz book and we had to anser questions arond the museum.
    I got 12 easta eggs and i have eaten 3
    From Will

  22. CD

    Dear,Miss Cullen
    Also i went to Bletchley park it is were they cracked the German codes to help win the war. We had a little screen and headphones to listen it was a guide that you would listen to like a tour and would tell what had happened at that place it was very interesting but, it was lovely there.
    Love Caitlinxxx

  23. Holly

    On Wednesday, I went to kody’ s house for a sleepover. We had popcorn, cookies and doughnuts while we were watching the new goosebumps movie, we were scared at the end though when the puppet came alive!. On Thursday when kody and me woke up we went to a play area for older kids and while I jumped on one of the obstacles I pulled a muscle in my foot so we had to go home after that. That was an exciting day for me, except for the bit when I pulled my muscle. I hope we do something like that again :)

  24. Lily-anne

    Argghhh our camping trip is sooooo close, I’m so excited.
    Yesterday we went to the world of glass in st helens, we watched a lady glass blowing and she made a vase. It was so cool. We had to wear hard hats when we walked through the tunnels of the old furnace, it was great!
    Cant wait to see everyone next week.

  25. Zoe N

    So far over the holidays I have had a amazing time I have had a sleepover and for the rest of the holidays I am lounging around watching Cbbc. I hope you all are having a wonderful time


  26. Isabel :D

    Hi everyone,

    My Easter Holidays have been filled with lots of fun, and lots of chocolate! This is what I got up to over Easter.

    On Saturday 26th March, my Grandma and Grandad came round to celebrate Easter. We had a lovely Steak pie for lunch (cooked by my mum) and some delicious desserts as well.
    On Easter day, my Granny and Grandad came round to celebrate Easter as well. Then we had a lovely Roast Lamb Dinner (also cooked by my mum, mostly) and some more delicious desserts as well.
    On 29th March, me, my mum, and my sister went to the Wigan Roller Rink for a skate. It was quite quiet, luckily. They played some songs from one of mine and my sister’s favourite movies, and they played songs from my all time favourite movie too. It was great! And we continued skating until the rink closed. Then we went for a McDonalds for lunch.
    On Thursday 1st April (April Fools Day) me, my mum and my dad all went to Spaceport, in

  27. Isabel :D

    Opps! I clicked the wrong button. And I didn’t finish my blog. I will continue it on now…

    Liverpool. I learnt all about space and how people deal with everyday activities in Space, with zero gravity. I went through a imaginary wormhole, experimented, played games, watched a show about space, and so much more! My favourite thing was probably the simulator ride, where we slid all around the simulation pod! Then we had another McDonalds for lunch.
    Sometime that week, me, my mum and my dad watched Harry Potter and the Philosphers Stone. I really enjoyed watching it!
    On Monday 5th April, me and my mum went shopping. But halfway through, she took us to Mesnes Park for a Ice-Cream and a Coffee for her. After we wen tot he Café, we went down to the park. We discovered they had a work out station. So we checked it out and it was very fun actually. Then we played in the proper park area on the swings and on the huge netted swing. After that, we continued shopping!
    On Tuesday 6th April, me and my mum went back to the Wigan Roller Rink, for another skate. And it was really fun! It was quite quiet this time as well, luckily! For lunch mum took us to the Café, where I had a slush and a portion of chips. But I think I put to much Ketchup on the chips. Opps! :D .
    On Wednesday 7th April, Millie came to stay. But first my mum took us to Air Vault, the Trampoline park. And for an hour we had lots of fun, and Millie showed me some of her Trampoline tricks. They were really good! And when we got tired, my mum had bought us two slushies, and we bought a packet of crisps each. After that hour of fun, Millie came back to my house. We played for a while. Then we walked around the block together and had a chat. Later on we had Tea and a Cupcake (made by my mum.) Soon after Tea, Millie had to go home. But she had said she really enjoyed the day, and would like to come again. So that’s good!

    So that was my Easter. I have really enjoyed my time off for the Holidays. I hope you have too! I have enjoyed all my chocolate. And I hope you have enjoyed your sweet treats too! I don’t think I am doing anything else. I will just be chilling for the last few days of the Holidays. We might watch a film, but I’m not too sure yet! Anyway, I will see you all very soon, back at school!

    Isabel :D .

  28. Millie D

    Hello Miss Kelly,

    I have had the most amazing Easter so far and it isn’t over yet.
    1. From Sunday27th March until Thursday 29th March we went away in our caravan. We went to Fallbarrow in Bowness in the Lake District. It took us about one and a half hours to get there, the weather was cold but sunny, it did rain one day so we went into the little shops in Bowness. While we were away we did lots of things, we went to Fellfoot park, I love it here, there are loads of twisting trees to climb, ducks to feed and there was a Cadburys Easter egg hunt to do, I also went rock climbing I was quite nervous but did it. I am very proud of myself. The next day we went to Wray castle this was fantastic, there was loads to do. There is a big adventure park outside to climb and inside there was dressing up and giant games to play, we played jenga and I won. One wall of the room was a huge chalk bord to draw on, it was fun. We also did archery at the castle, I hit the target and popped the balloon, my mummy did too, daddy and Ella missed! Back at the caravan we fed the ducks every day because they came to our caravan and fell asleep curled up. We had to buy some special duck food because you shouldn’t feed the ducks bread. Me and my Daddy cooked a big breakfast on our cadac it was yummy. For the rest of the holiday we did lots of walking and playing. I didn’t want to go home but daddy had to go to work.

    2. From Saturday 2nd April until Monday 4th April me, Ella, my cousins Rosie and Liam all went for a sleepover to my nana and Grandads. This is in Ainsdale, it takes about 45 minutes in the car. The weather was dry every day and a bit cold. the cold didn’t matter to me and Liam because we played in the garden all the time. On Sunday we were so lucky because nana and granddad took me and Liam to the fair, we went on lots of rides. Ella and Rosie went on the train into Southport shopping.

    3. On Wednesday 6th April I went to my friend Isabels house. We had the most amazing time. Isabels mum took us to Air volt trampolining. It was fantastic. We went back to Isabels house and played with lego, Isabel has loads of lego. We also went for a walk by ourselves and we chatted and ate sweets. I had a fantastic time at Isabels.

    The holiday isn’t over yet. I will be seeing more of my family and friends.

    from Millie D

  29. M.K.

    I went to Gullivers World,which is in Warrington,and had lots of fun.lt took 30 minutes to get there.There was rain pouring down until we arrived.Then the sun came out.

    We went on the log flume.We came up really slowly.All of a sudden,we shot down like a bullet.Water splashed all over us! It was amazing! I went on again and again.

    There was a really fast roller coaster.It was very rickety and bumpy. I really liked it. It did lots of ups and downs. My tummy did flip flops.

    There was a ride that you had a pretend gun. You had to hit red button targets. .When you managed to hit a target the person behind you got squirted with water. Megan, my sister, managed to get Mum and me wet.

    I ran round the maze and got stuck in dead ends.It was very fun.I made it to the middle in the end.I made my way out.Hooray!

    We looked in funny mirrors.We turned fat and thin.Tall and small.We laughed and laughed and laughed some more.

    After a long,fun day at Gullivers World we had to leave.

  30. W.J

    Over the holidays a lot of friends from school came over to my house. Ryan came about 5-6 times and I went to Ryans house about 3 times. Isaac came over once and I went over to Isaacs once too. I went to go to Bens house but he wasn’t in so I went back home and on my way home I saw Isabel walking out of Galloways. I went to knock about 4 days later but when I came he was about to go somewhere and two days later I came again but this time he was at home. Yippee. I went to the cinemas once to watch Kung-Fu Panda 3. I also went to the swimming pool in Chorley. I even went for a sleep over to… My next door neighbour. I played outside a lot with my friends and I got a new football. I didn’the really go anywhere. But I found out that I’m getting a new dog, a 9 week old Springer Spaniel. I’m really excited to come back to school on Monday especially because of star assembly. I can’t wait.


  31. G.G

    Hi Everyone,

    I’m visiting my Gran. She lives on a Lake in Italy .it’s the biggest volcanic lake in the universe .This is my last day today
    I’ve been on the beach playing football with my Dad, paddling because the water is still a little cold to swim.
    I’ve been going out for Pizza, having lots of ice lollies , having drinks .
    Today I went to a castle that is 700 years old . Inside was an aquarium . It was really good .
    I’m coming home tomorrow and looking forward to going back to school

    See you soon

    George G.

  32. IA

    Hi everyone,
    last Thursday me and my sister Martha got into the car to go to our caravan in Anglesey, Wales. When we got there I discovered my friend Max was there too,as soon as he saw me he ran to my caravan and asked me what should we do? I thought we should explore the den and the ridge beyond.

    Next day our dad came to Plas Newydd and we agreed to meet him there, but he only brought trainers thinking they were ‘appropriate’ footwear after exploring the inside and grounds of Plas Newydd we headed back to the caravan. As soon as we got in the car it started to pour down with rain, so we got out in the nick of time!

    On Saturday we went to Holyhead swimming baths and walked to Treaddur bay (where we had an ice cream) and back again.Whilst we were walking to Treaddur bay we saw a couple of white bobtail rabbits!
    Back at Chelsea, (the caravan) we played Monopoly (Anglesey edition).

    Sunday was already planned out, we were to go to the Holyhead Maritime Museum and war Bunker.
    We found out about the Submarine called Thetis and how it submerged and didn’t come back up again. 99 of the 104 people on the submarine died.

    Monday, after going to Beaumauris Gaol we went home. It felt good to be back.

  33. jack

    Over easter I did not do much. My friend Ben came over. I played a rugby match and went to a camp.I went to my aunties in Nottigham. I also went to Maxes football party and then to his house, where we did a treasure hunt and did a disco.

  34. Lily Mae H

    Hi everyone

    I have had such a busy Easter! We have decorated our bedrooms and made our own paint in B&Q, mine is called Lily butterfly and it’s a teal ish colour. My room looks awesome & really pretty.
    We have had 3 Easter egg hunts and got millions of eggs, I haven’t eaten that many yet though! We watched a show called Acelere (also known as cia Columbia) at the Lowry in Manchester, they are an acrobatics and street dance group. They were epic! Other things we have done include going to energi and also jump division which are both trampoline parks, we’ve been shopping in Wigan, played at Astley park, been swimming and we have also been out for dinner loads, we went to the Olive Garden, Ask and Zizzi, not all at once!
    The best thing we did though was going to watch Little Mix in concert at the Manchester arena, we saw Chloe there, Little Mix are epic! They sang my favourite song “weird people”.
    Yesterday Robyn came for tea and today we are baking my favourite donuts – jammy donuts. Tomorrow I am going to have a relax & get ready for school on Monday!
    Hope you all had a nice Easter
    From Lily Mae H Y4JB :-)

  35. rtomlinson

    Wow you all sound like you have had a great time over the holidays! I like the sound of all those chocolate eggs! Enjoy the weekend and I will see you all next week!
    Miss Tomlinson

  36. Harry M

    Harry had a brilliant Easter. He had an Easter egg hunt and got lots of eggs, went on lots of bike rides, saw school friends, went to the cinema and went for walks. Harry also went on a climbing wall in the car. He thought it was a long journey!

    He can’t wait to see all his friends at school on Monday.
    Harry M (reception)

  37. GF

    Hi Miss Martin
    I’ve been very busy during my Easter holidays… Ive taken part in my first dance show which was so exciting. Each night I was in four dances: Little yellow fish dressed as a fish, All around the world dressed in a traditional Chinese dress, Disney dreams dressed in blue as a princess and the Lion King dressed as a monkey. I did 4 evening performances and 1 afternoon performance at Westholme School in Blackburn. I’ve never stayed up so late before, I was really tired. I was given lots of flowers and on the last day I got a special silk posy from mummy and daddy which was pink and purple, with a butterfly in and very sparkly that I can keep.
    On Easter Sunday I had a family meal with Harry, Mummy, Daddy, Nanna, Grandad and Bar, we played lots of Easter games and though we didn’t get any Easter eggs we got lots of Easter crafts, sticker books, magazines and new scooters. Mummy said no eggs after me and Harry won 8 at the Easter bingo. On Easter Monday we went to Rufford Old Hall and did the Easter egg hunt in the rain, it was very muddy.
    Ive done lots of other things too… We met friends and played at the Jungle twice. We met friends at Bents for a play and cake. We went to the opticians. We went to watch the Peppa Pig show at the Lowry. We went to the Trafford Centre were I bought a new pair of sparkly shoes and a handbag both with butterflies on from Monsoon. We went to Cheshire Ice Cream Farm. We did the Stickman Trail at Delamere Forest and made our own Stickman and Sticklady when we got home, which I can’t wait to show you. We went to Knowsley Safari Park and went on the rides too. We went to Southport Pleasure Beach. We’ve been swimming. Most of all I’ve been learning to ride my bike without my stabilisers and I can do it now!
    I hope you’ve had a nice rest, see you soon,
    Grace F

  38. Owen F

    I’ve had a wonderful time in the holiday . I went to Torquay, down in the south west of England, to see one of my Mums boy friend’s (Dean) family. We stayed with Gayle, Paul and the little boy named Barney. There friends is Adele , Ernie and Livvy. Dean’s children are called Ben and Becca . It was really long to get there in the car – 264 miles on the m6 and m5. Whilst we were in Torquay, we went crabbing in Dartmouth and caught 27 crabs and went in fancy restaurants and the Eden project .264 ml from there to back but approximately 900 ml in the week. we went on Tuesday and came back on the Friday.

  39. gh

    I have not realy done mutch. My mum went to the usa to help my Grandad because he is very ill. I have been on lots of walks i have met up with my aunt and uncle and i have been to my frend max house. (-:

  40. r.hillard

    Hi everybody,

    It sounds like you’ve all been very busy over easter! It’s great to hear that you’ve all had a fantastic break.

    Miss Hilliard

  41. Sophie C

    I was very busy in the Easter holidays I went to Blue Planet Aquarium, Southport, trampolining twice, Worden Park and Ellie’s party. I had great fun. It took one hour to get to Blue Planet Aquarium it was 35 miles away. My big sister Emma and my baby niece Autumn came with me. I met Emma and Georgia Taylor at Worden park. We went on the slide and played in the sandpit then we walked to the maze and got lost.

  42. Bm


    During the first week of the Easter holidays I spent time with my cousins. We had an Easter egg hunt and found loads of eggs!

    We have just returned from a holiday in the Lakes. We stayed in a lodge with my mum, dad, brother, grandma, grandad and our 2 dogs, Tiggi and Bella. The lodge was great because it had a hot tub but I had to share a bedroom with my brother, not so great! We visited Grizedale Forest and followed the Stick Man trail, my brother made a stick man but a dog called Freddie pinched it and would not let go, so my brother got upset and we had to spend the next hour finding a new stick man.

    See you all tomorrow


  43. JT

    Hi Wood Fold James here.And my Easter holiday was awesome at the holidays because I went to see my brothers and sisters at Bournemouth and I also saw a Lamborghini on the motorway on my way home!

  44. JT

    Also I watched the teenage mutant ninja turtles ( 2014 ) movie it was awesome and it was the best movie! I really liked it when they defeated the villain at the end. Looking forward to seeing you all at school.

  45. LG

    Dear everyone,
    Over the holidays I have been to Center Parcs in penrith every day we went in the swimming pool .We went on the rapids . The rapids are where there are jets and they push you round the pool . I also went down the flume slide . My Dad always beat me . My Grandma and Grandad came with me my Mum my Dad and my brother . One day we were there my Granny and Grandad came . At Center Parcs we hired a boat . My Dad made my Grandad drive into the reeds . We also did the tresure trail where you had to find the secret word.
    Over the holidays we also went to Newcastle to vist my Mums friend from university we also went to visit her because she has just had an extention on her house so we went to see it .
    From LG :) :)

  46. abigail s

    Over the holidays I have been to many different places I have been shopping in Liverpool I went and watched the British gymnastics I had an amazing view Beth Tweddle was a row next to me I saw lots of famous gymnasts like Ellissa downie , Rebbeca Downie , Ruby Harrold , and my favrioute gymnast Claudia Fragapane . I also helped my mum decorate her new bedroom I helped paint the walls my sister glossed and then when it came to easter I got a new leotard and some Easter eggs which I still haven’t eaten yet . The rest of the days I have been to gymnastics and tried some new skils . in a couple of weeks I have got a very important gymnastics competition my grades finals against people from Cheshire and Merseyside and Manchester I am representing Lancashire so hopefully we do very well .

    see you soon Abigail :)

  47. Jasmine H

    Hello everyone

    I have had a really busy & brilliant Easter! We did 3 egg hunts & I got loads of chocolate but I have only eaten a bit of it so far. I’m going to make rice crispie cakes with some of my eggs.
    I went to B&Q and designed my own paint colour to decorate my room, it looks really cool now and it’s a lilac colour with the Eiffel Tower on the wall. Other things I have done are going to the crocky trail with Jessica which was awesome and we had dinner at hickorys and Jessica burnt her marshmallows! It was funny! I have been to energi and jump division trampoline parks, played at Astley & Ashfield parks, went shopping in wigan and watched an acrobatics show at the Lowry in Manchester, they were so awesome and cool. We’ve been out for dinner a lot too which I like doing.
    The best part of my Easter was going to watch little mix at Manchester arena. They were so good, I love little mix and Jesy is my favourite. Just before we went to watch little mix we went to pick my Dad up from Manchester airport and saw the aeroplanes landing really close to us it was amazing!
    Hope everyone else had a good Easter!!
    From Jasmine H Y3I. :-)

  48. CK

    Hello Mr Ibbotson!
    Today I went to Brockholes Nature Reserve with my mum, my Nana, my little brother, my aunt, and my cousin.
    It was a short journey and I had one little chocolate egg.
    We had a picnic, and we went on the playground. On one part of the playground I was scared but I loved the other bits of the playground.
    Then we had a walk along the side of the River Ribble. The wheel came off my auntie Lesley’s pram because it was muddy. Bye bye!

  49. CB

    Hi Peeps,
    My 2 favourite parts of the Easter Holiday were going on a big shopping trip in Manchester and going to Little Mix the night before.
    Before I went to the Little Mix Concert, I met my friends, Lily and Jasmine, for tea at Zizzi. At the Little Mix Concert, I saw my friend, Isla, there. Also, I got a charm bracelet. I stayed in Manchester with my Mum and my Sister, Katie.
    The day after Little Mix, I went to Arndale, Shopping Centre. I bought a pencil grip from Smiggle, a packet of Tsum Tsum Squishes from the Entertainer and looked in lots of other shops.
    Today, I am going to see the Next Step at Lowry.
    From CB.

  50. pm

    In the Easter holidays I had loads of fun finding all my Easter eggs ,swimming ,shopping and going to the park !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):);):):)

  51. iona

    My mum and I went down to Essex to see my uncle Justin, auntie Lindsey and my cousins, Lucie and Isobel. We got there by car. The journey was 220 miles and took over 4 hours. We went to London to visit Madam Tussaud’s. We got the train into London and then the tube. I also went swimming and went to sky ropes, which is a high ropes adventure course.

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach
    My mum and I went to Blackpool Pleasure Beach for a day. We got there by car. It took about 40 minutes to get there and was 34 miles. I went on most of the rides a couple of times. The rides I didn’t go on were way too scary for me.

    I got 3 Easter eggs. 2 of the eggs were brown chocolate and the other was white chocolate. I don’t like white chocolate so I gave it to my dad.

  52. Kody

    Hi guys
    I had a great Easter holidays. My dad took me to the cinemas to watch batman vs superman which i enjoyed. On grand national day mum drove us to Liverpool which was very busy to go shopping. My mum spoilt me and treated me to hot doughnuts , a large monkey emoji pillow and cute socks . Through out the holidays I have been keeping active by going swimming and taking my dog on long walks.
    Hope you all had fun

  53. CB

    I went to a holiday cottage in the Lake District for Easter and the house was upside down. The bedrooms were downstairs and the kitchen was upstairs. We visited a chocolate factory and had a chocolate treat there. My Dad also took me to the cinema to watch Batman vs Superman. It was really good and we had lots of yummy popcorn.

  54. Jacob H

    Dear Miss Martin,

    I had a great trip to my grandma and gramps house. They have an allotment and I helped gramps plant some onions. The Easter egg hunt there was great, it was my brothers first one. I also had some trips with my mummy and daddy. They took me to the ice cream farm where I went on a go cart and played crazy golf and I have also been to the cinema and swimming.

    Jacob H

  55. Max G

    On the 8th of April i had a football party for my 10th birthday followed by a series of games at my house. The next day it was my birthday,double figures, i got lots of nice presents from friends and family. I went to my cousins house for the weekend and we had a party. it was my grandad’ s birthday to, he is 70.

  56. Jessica

    Hi everyone. I have had a great time over the Easter holidays. I went to Isabelle’s party at splash world in Southport and it was really good fun. I went on an 8 mile bike ride with my dad and I was really muddy and really tired after! I also went out with my Mum, my Nan and my Gran. I have had a really good holiday. See you soon.
    Jessica x

  57. Milo G

    On Easter Sunday, Max, Daddies and I, went to Angelsey with our two dogs. We stayed in a flat near the beach. I slept in a double bed. During the day we went on the beach and at night we played Pie Face. I got Pied twice! We got lots and lots of Easter eggs, even from the lady who owned the flat.

  58. AG

    Well I have had a very busy holidays . I spent the first week at football camp and on the friday I went straight from football to Newcastle to visit mummys friend Louise and Daren . When we came home we got ready to go to centrer parcs . Daddy put the roof rack and Mummy packed and me and Lucy put the sports things in the bag . We stayed at Center Parcs for 5 days . I went on the outdoor water slide . You start off inside and then you end up outside in the boiling hot water . I went on my bike lots of times and on the thursday we went on the tresure trail I rode 8km to find the clues . When we fineshed I got a certificate and a badge.
    From AG

  59. Hermione


    Over the Easter holidays I went to Harry Potter world and saw lots of amazing things. While I was there I got to fly on a broomstick and have a lesson on how to use a wand. I found out how they produced the film and made it look so realistic including how they make the animals goblins. The next day I went to tea with my auntie and uncle in London and had steak with chunky chips which was delicious.

    From Hermione

  60. Mill T

    Hey everyone,

    So my Easter has been quite suprising actually. When I got home I just cheered really loudly and couldn’t wait for the days to come!

    On Thursday, I went to WYZ (Wigan Youth Zone, if your wondering) and just chilled out doing baking with Janet and the games room with Nathan. So, we enjoyed our day more than we thought we would.

    On Friday, we just stayed at home and chilled out, we played out with our neighbours (Sam and Liam), and just had some fun.

    Skipping all the way down from the boring weekend, to the weekdays (Without School!). Me and my brother slept in until 10:00am, we were so overwhelmed that we didn’t have to wake up at 7am.

    On Tuesday, my brother went to WYZ to play Football with Sam and Liam and me and my Mum went into town and got my haircut, it looked so much nicer after it had been cut! Then, we looked around at a bunch of shops like New Look, Next and Claire’s. After, we went to pick up my older brother Matthew’s girlfriend Jordan (Don’t say her name’s like a boy, I like her name!), and we went about ten minutes out of Wigan to go to Taybarns. I felt peckish so I just placed some bites on my plate. My older brother was so willing to go but he was at college! And, Oliver bumped his head at WYZ and had to go home. Poor Thing!

    On Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, we went to WYZ and just did lots of things.

    Skipping to the Wednesday after, me, Oliver, Mum and Dad went all the way down to South Wales to see our grandparents. which took five hours in the car. But luckily, we got MacDonalds and had some Starburst Chewies. The next day, me, Olly and our grandparents went to a really cool museum about the Welsh history. There was this really funny hat and we could try it on and it looked so hilarious on my grandad and then, for lunch we went to…. SUBWAY! It was my first time there and I adored it! I had Chicken, Lettuce, Ketchup and Bacon in my Italian roll. And, a packet of doritos and… MMMM a fresh baked donut! After all that, we went to Farmfoods and got mini marshmallows, whipped cream and a packet of Nerds each! Then, we went to the Bowling Alley and just played Pool, the claw and basketball! After, we went home, got ready for dinner and went down to the Brains for tea. The next day, we went down to the Bowling Alley and had a game of Bowling, Pool, Basketball and the Claw. We then had lunch, I had Jacket Potato and Cheese with a Pink Bubblegum and Raspberry Slushie. Then, we went to a bunch of Charity Shops and found some super adorable stuff in the isles! Then, we went home and had a cheeseburger and chips for tea. Then, the next day, we went home, driving back and had KFC and a Starbucks! So, that’s my Easter Break!

    Hope yours was a pretty chilled out and cooled.
    Have a Happy Easter everybody!

    Goodbye, Mill T x

  61. IA

    Hi everyone,
    last Thursday me and my sister Martha got into the car to go to our caravan in Anglesey, Wales. When we got there I discovered my friend Max was there too,as soon as he saw me he ran to my caravan and asked me what should we do? I thought we should explore the den and the ridge beyond.

    Next day our dad came to Plas Newydd and we agreed to meet him there, but he only brought trainers thinking they were ‘appropriate’ footwear after exploring the inside and grounds of Plas Newydd we headed back to the caravan. As soon as we got in the car it started to pour down with rain, so we got out in the nick of time!

    On Saturday we went to Holyhead swimming baths and walked to Treaddur bay (where we had an ice cream) and back again.Whilst we were walking to Treaddur bay we saw a couple of white bobtail rabbits!
    Back at Chelsea, (the caravan) we played Monopoly (Anglesey edition).

    Sunday was already planned out, we were to go to the Holyhead Maritime Museum and war Bunker.
    We found out about the Submarine called Thetis and how it submerged and didn’t come back up again. 99 of the 104 people on the submarine died.

    Monday, after going to Beaumauris Gaol we went home. It felt good to be back.

  62. IA

    This is just a test message from Isaac’s mum as he posted his blog on Sunday, but it is still showing as ‘awaiting moderation.’ I have tried to post it again today, but wondered if you could check to make sure it has been posted?

  63. Alfie H

    Dear Miss Cullen
    we were very busy over the Easter holidays. We have had 3 Easter egg hunts. 2 here and 1 at my aunty Claires . We went to Southport, to go on the sandy beach. Mark and me ran up and down the sand dunes to hide from mummy and Phoebe.
    We took out friend Natalie, up to my Aunty Claires. We went for the day and took her dogs, Winston and Merlin, for a walk. We got home really late and I fell asleep in the car.
    We went to Marton Mere in Blackpool for five days, and stayed in a massive caravan that belongs to the young carers. We took Marks mum, Jennifer. We went to Madame Tussauds, The dungeons and Blackpool zoo, where a big seagull poohed on Marks head! That is good luck, but he didn’t think so. It was very funny.
    On Sunday, before we came back to school, we went to Happy Mount park in Morcombe. We walked down the seafront, skimmed stones, played in the beach and sea, had chips and icecream and played on the playground.
    I got 17 eggs, 2 bunnies and some jelly babies! I still have loads left.

  64. Annabel Connor


    I went to my caravan in the holiday. Daddy’s was 40. We had a party.I was also in a dance show with
    Matilda croston.

    By Annabel Year 1

  65. Caleb

    Hi everyone
    In the easter Holidays we have been on our travels, we first visited the Big City of London. We did lots of sightseeing, including the Fire of London Monument , including walking up Pudding Lane. Visiting the Queen at the Palace and seeing Trafalgar Square.

    The next day was a big travelling day, and we drove to Folkestone and got on the Train through the Tunnel over to France.

    Whilst in France we did a lot of sight seeing including visiting Paris and walking up to the second level of the Eiffiel Tower which is 600 steps, then using the lift to go to the top which is 324 Metres. The views were good and you could see all over Paris.

    We also visited Disneyland Paris, and went on many rides including the parachutes, Studio tram Tour, Cars and Buzz lightening ride… which was mine and my brothers favourite.

    A couple of the days we enjoyed playing on the beach and in the water with our friends and family.

    On our Last day we travelled from Berny Riviere all the way home through the Tunnel again, which was 506 miles, which took over 10 hours travelling, which is ok because we had our iPads, DS’s and Books and games.

    hope you all had a good easter

  66. Ethan R

    Hi Miss Connelly

    I had a great Easter break, I went to the circus and I found my first Geo Cache (by myself)

    Bye Ethan :)

  67. MT

    I had about 4 eggs for Easter. We were at dad’s house the weekend before and only had 2 eggs. The weekend after that it was Easter!! Mum’s boyfriend’s parent gave me an Easter egg. After THAT weekend we had many other eggs from my dad and his girlfriend,Liz.

  68. Matilda

    At Easter we went to the farm. I rode on a donkey. I saw a pretend cow and I had my photo taken with it.
    I got 6 Easter eggs and have eaten 3. YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    MG xxx

  69. Lexie

    Over the Easter holidays we went to Newbiggin-On-Lune and stayed in a cottage, within the Lake District.

    On the way to the cottage we were in a massive traffic jam and it took us 3 and a half hours to get there instead of 1 hour. On the night before Easter we were told the Easter bunny might not come here and might take the eggs home, so when we get home the eggs will be at home. But the Easter eggs where hidden in mummy’s and daddy’s room I got Ferrero Rocher instead of an Easter egg.

    When we got home we had eggs off close friends and family (we still have to collect a few more).

  70. Ben. M

    Hi everyone

    Firstly I hope all of you had a great Easter I did lots of things. It wasnt so incredible till I went on holiday for my Grandmas 90th birthday. After I got back Gaberiel asked me if I wanted to go to his house so obviously i did. I went swimming with Gabriel then I got to sleep at his house. We woke up and his mum told us Gabriel could stay at my house until 6:00 pm. We recorded a slow motion video it was so funny as we watched it back we couldnt stop laughing. After Gaberiel had gone me and my sister went on the trampoline and we played a recreation of one of are tv shows we always watch. For the rest of the holidays I just chilled out because i was so tired doing all this incredible stuff.

    That’s what i did over the Easter holidays for the last time hope you had a great Easter and bye

  71. Lewis day

    Hi everyone, this Easter I went to Blackpool sandcastle with my friends April and Jonah, my mum, my sister and Steve. First we went on watersides and then we played in the pool. We also spent a day at gullivers world with my cousin Harvey, my sister and my mum. I spent a weekend with my grandma and also spent some an afternoon in southport, my sister and I won over 400 tickets which we are saving as we plan to go back. It was a great Easter!

  72. EW

    I had a fab time in the holidays I went to NYC for three nights were we stayed in a hotel in Times Square . We did a lot of sightseeing including Empire state building, Statue of liberty, Ellis island, Wall st,Grand central terminal,Central park,Ground Zero,Battery Park,Rocafella, to name but a few ! We had a surprise from dad, helicopter ride over NYC which was Amazing ! We did the Hop on hop off bus & walked our feet off ! Then i hopped on to the Norwegian Cruise Line for seven nights. Whilst i was onboard, we travelled to the Florida for one day to Coco beach then onto Bahamas – Great stirrup key & Nassau, were we had excursions to some gorgeous beaches with massive blow up slides, snorkelling & feeding the fishes ! We then headed back to NYC were we had another full day there shopping on 5th avenue & i went in the American girl Doll shop were i found one just like me ! Then taxi to the airport for an overnight flight home. One of my Best holiday ever !!

  73. DC

    Hi Mr Thompson

    On my Easter holidays I went in my caravan with my Mum and Dad to Morton Mere. I did swimming, Aqua jets, pool party and on the Saturday I did BMX racing for my club, Preston Pirates

    On Sunday at the Caravan we did an Easter egg hunt around the site, this was really interesting and fun

    I also went to Haigh Hall a few days because I don’t live far away and went on plenty of walks

    Mum, Dad and me went to Brockhole on Windermere and me and Dad went on a tree trek and finish the course with a 300metre triple zip line, this was awesome!!!!

    I was happy I got a big Easter break and I did loads of things with my family



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