Blogging Rules and Guidelines

Our rules and guidelines for effective blogging.

We are all really looking forward to using our blogs this year. Here are a few rules and guidelines for you to follow:

Only use your first name – no surnames

Keep safe don’t reveal any personal information.

Write in good English – including appropriate grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Be polite – Don’t post anything that could hurt anyone.

Always show respect – be positive if you are going comment.

Be constructive with your comments – How could someone improve their work? Give it 2 stars and a wish!

Parents are welcome to leave as many comments as they like! The more the better!

All posts and comments are checked before they are published.

If you have any more concerns about the security of the blog then please feel free to have a chat with Mrs Johns or any other member of staff.


What can we blog about?

  • Work we have done in class
  • Work we are proud of
  • What we have achieved
  • Gallery of Artwork
  • Events in our school and the world
  • Star of the Week
  • Our school
  • Polls about favourite…
  • Showcase of achievements
  • Book/Film reviews
  • Cool Links
  • School trips
  • Topics we are studying
  • Clubs
  • Gardening
  • Things you do at home
  • Creative work
  • Learning Journal
  • Homework
  • Class Monitors
  • Help posts
  • Videos of work

One thought on “Blogging Rules and Guidelines

  1. Rb

    Miss Cartwright
    Being a Viking a boy would be fun cause you get to fight with fear it is also being a Viking boy is extremely hard because you have to light fires and oil lamps and go hunting for wolves deers. If we are rich we have to go to school


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